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Everyone Can Be a Leader

Everyone Can Be a Leader  In-Person

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Cedar Mill Library Elm & Oak Room
Adult Services | 503-644-0043 | askuscml@wccls.org
Author/Speaker Class/Workshop

Popular understandings of leadership tell us that leaders look a certain way: they are in charge. They possess outward strength. They are extroverted and act pragmatically rather than emotionally. Perhaps most important, leaders are people in positions of authority and power. Is there an alternative type of leadership? When are we leaders in our communities? How can our unique senses of self contribute to our roles as leaders?

Pepe Moscoso, CEO of Blind Insect, is a Portland-based gallery owner, curator, creative consultant, arts producer, and lawyer. A lot of his work has to do with education, inclusion, personal narrative, the exploration of identity, diversity, and storytelling in a variety of forms. His business, projects, and events have been grounded in the experiences of multicultural people living in the Pacific Northwest.

Registration is recommended. Walkins will be accepted as space allows starting at 6pm.

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