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Estate Planning for Families with Young Children

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Cedar Mill Library Elm & Oak Room
Benjamin L. Rasche, J.D.

Benjamin L. Rasche, J.D. from Schneider Rasche LLC will be presenting on Estate Planning for Families with Young Children.

Many young families may think that they do not have enough assets to do any estate planning. One of your biggest assets might be standing right there before you, your children. You may have given thought to who could care for your children in the event that something happened to you, perhaps even having a friend or a family member who are ready to step in. However, the real question is, “have you prepared the paperwork necessary to grant them the legal power to take over in the event you were unable to care for your children?” During this program we will discuss why it is so important for families with young children to do estate planning and things to think about when choosing a guardian for your children.


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